Headstart Learning Programme


Play is a vital part of a child's life and is the way they make sense of their world.  It is the basic ingredient to learning, develops new skills and stimulates intellectual growth.  We value play very highly in our daily life with the children and most activities are based on this.

We observe their interests, abilities and needs very carefully and provide appropriate individual and group experience to challenge and stimulate each child.  Our programme is designed to cater for each child's needs and interests, so we have rooms with overall aims, objectives or philosophies that guides the children, with daily or weekly plans.

Within the programme, children are given opportunities to:

Makes choices
Develop creative abilities
Problem solve
Share and co-operate with others





While establishing routines is important for children, our programme acknowledges that all children are unique individuals and need to be nurtured within a flexible environment.

During the day the children will be involved in the following kinds of activities:

Indoor Play - Free play, with an emphasis on quiet activity, which allows the children to choose from permanently setup activities, such as books, puzzles, home corner, blocks and a variety of special activities that change from week to week, including painting, drawing, pasting, board games and construction sets.

Fun with a spinning wheel

Drawings Galore!!

Outdoor Play - Involves free play, with an emphasis on large muscle development.  Climbing equipment is setup each day.  Swings, tractors, bikes and hoops add interest and variety to the play area.  Other outdoor activities include sand and water play, digging, gardening and ball games.

Learning about Fire Safety

Rodeo Time

Group Time - These are set times during the day which the children can join together and listen to stories, participate in finger plays and discussions, sing songs, move to music and play instruments.  

Group Story time at Westside

Ambulance Officers in Training

Meal Times - Before each meal each child is expected to wash their hands under supervision.  The children may sit at tables to eat or picnic outside.  They will enjoy a social environment under the supervision of adults.  After eating the children will wash their hands, face and either rinse their mouth or brush their teeth.  


Group Meal at Westside

Rest Times - As Headstart operates under the Department of Family Services and Aboriginal Island Affairs, there are compulsory regulations to include rest time as a part of a full day programme.  All the children are encouraged to rest but none are forced to sleep.

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