What to Bring


  What Each Child Should Bring

A wide brim hat
A spare set of clothing and underwear
A bag or port
2 small sheets and a small pillow
A small blanket (in winter only)
All materials to be in a drawstring bag.

  Additional Items for Children Under 2 Years

Two pieces of fruit
Sufficient nappies/trainers
Comfort items such as dummies, soft toys, blankets, etc.
Bottles - milk is supplied.
3 spare sets of clothing.

Please Don't Place These Items in Plastic Bags or Wraps


What to wear:
Roomy old comfortable clothes that are easy for your child to manipulate for toilet purposes.  Summer- no sleeveless tops, Winter - a warm coat, hat and shoes.
Superhero Outfits:
We discourage children from bringing superhero outfits as these can get damaged or lost and can sometimes lead to more aggressive play.
Please provide enough nutritional food for the time your child attends Headstart, at least two snack-sized serves and one meal-sized serve.  Water is provided although you may choose to provide juice as well.  Place all perishables in the fridge in a lunch box that is clearly named.  Please name all food items that are not in the lunch box, e.g. poppers etc.
Children are not to bring their toys to Headstart as they are easily broken or mislaid.  If your child requires a cuddly toy for comfort, you are welcome to bring this along and store it in your child's bag.  Children are welcome to bring and interesting objects that they have found or made at home e.g. and interested leaf or flower found in the garden.

Please name all your child's belongings


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